JIRA Report

Key Summary Type Resolution Fix Version
CSV-52 Dm: Dubious method used   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-51 Dm: Dubious method used   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-50 Dm: Dubious method used   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-49 Dm: Dubious method used   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-48 Dm: Dubious method used   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-47 SIC: Inner class could be made static   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-46 NP: Null pointer dereference   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-45 Resource leak on an exceptional path   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-44 Dereference null return value   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-43 Using invalid iterator   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-42 Dereference after null check   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-41 Dereference after null check   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-40 Dereference after null check   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-39 Dereference after null check   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-38 Dereference after null check   Fixed 2.7.1
CSV-37 Improve Performance   Fixed 2.7.0
CSV-36 Throw a CSV specific exception from all classes   Fixed 2.7.0
CSV-35 Add Performance Test   Fixed 2.7.0
CSV-34 get(columnName, valueArray[])   Fixed 2.6.1
CSV-33 Add default character encoding for table streams   Fixed 2.6.0
CSV-32 Parameterize BeanReader and BeanWriter   Fixed 2.6.0
CSV-31 Add printRow() to TableWriter interface   Fixed 2.6.0
CSV-29 Add ability to read Excel sheets without re-evaluating formulas   Fixed 2.5.0
CSV-28 Add capability to copy Excel sheets without skipping missing rows and cells   Fixed 2.5.0
CSV-27 Provide as OSGI bundle   Fixed 2.5.0
CSV-26 Support buildDate in ReleaseInformation   Fixed 2.5.0
CSV-25 Update POM for JIRA   Fixed 2.4.0
CSV-24 Allow charset definition for stream input/output   Fixed 2.4.0
CSV-22 Add row filter and column filter implementations   Fixed 2.2
CSV-21 Add Reader/Writer wrapper for JavaBeans   Fixed 2.2
CSV-20 Add TableReader/TableWriter implementation for XML   Fixed 2.2
CSV-19 Add TableWriter implementation for HTML   Fixed 2.2
CSV-18 Add reader implementation for Swing's JTable   Fixed 2.2
CSV-17 Add TableReader implementation for JDBC   Fixed 2.2
CSV-16 Create AbstractStreamReader and AbstractStreamWriter   Fixed 2.2
CSV-15 Reader removes empty lines within column values   Fixed 2.1
CSV-14 Adding JUnit Test for CSVReader and CSVWriter   Fixed 2.1
CSV-13 Interpreting comments in CSVReader   Fixed 2.1
CSV-12 DefaultExcelFormatter: This Style does not belong to the supplied Workbook.   Fixed 2.0.1
CSV-11 ExcelReader skips empty cells in a row   Fixed 2.0.1
CSV-10 StringIndexOutOfBoundException in CSVWriter   Fixed 2.0.1
CSV-9 Allow access to Excel files   Fixed 2.0
CSV-8 CSVUtils should offer copy methods from CSVReader to CSVWriter   Fixed 2.0
CSV-7 Add some test script for most CSV related issues   Fixed 2.0
CSV-6 Add a callback for comment lines   Fixed 2.0
CSV-5 Spaces before or after delimiter shall be ignored   Fixed 2.0
CSV-4 Add row and column count   Fixed 1.0.1
CSV-3 Excel Fix: first column of first row must not start with "ID"   Fixed 1.0.1
CSV-2 Multiline values fail when a line looks like a comment   Fixed 1.0.1
CSV-1 NullPointerException in CSVReader class   Fixed 1.0.1