JIRA Report

Key Summary Type Resolution Fix Version
BFJ-32 Allow local test configuration   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-31 Resolve loading of associated components   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-30 hashcode() and equals() methods   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-29 Refactor Custom Fields   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-28 Add fields for author name, assignee name and reporter name   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-27 NPE in AbstractAuthorizedSession#createIssue   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-24 Re-implement BugzillaSession for XML-RPC (JSON) usage   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-23 Use Configurable interface   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-22 Use CSV/Excel Utitlity   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-21 Provide as OSGI bundle   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-20 Support build date in build.properties   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-19 UTF-8 Cleanup of XML response   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-4 JIRA session   Fixed 2.0.0
BFJ-18 ClassCastException: XMLConfiguration cannot be casted to SubnodeConfiguration   Fixed 1.4.0
BFJ-17 Base on baselib   Fixed 1.4.0
BFJ-16 No error when Bugzilla version does not match   Fixed 1.4.0
BFJ-15 Remove Non-Javadoc   Fixed 1.4.0
BFJ-14 Check occurance of SubnodeConfiguration   Fixed 1.4.0
BFJ-13 Add useful comments in BugzillaUtils   Fixed 1.4.0
BFJ-12 Update POM for JIRA   Fixed 1.4.0
BFJ-11 Add saving of attachments   Fixed 1.3
BFJ-10 Timestamps are not parse correctly   Fixed 1.3
BFJ-9 Attachment filename not set   Fixed 1.3
BFJ-6 Filter searches on HttpJiraSession does not return when no issue was found   Fixed 1.3
BFJ-8 Java 6 doesn't know HttpOnly Cookie attribute   Fixed 1.1
BFJ-7 Bugzilla 4.2 uses attachments in long descriptions   Fixed 1.1
BFJ-5 Writing # as first column does not escape it   Fixed 1.1
BFJ-3 Add abstract Email Report class   Fixed 1.1
BFJ-2 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Passed in key must select exactly one node: ProxyAuthorizationCallback(0)   Fixed 1.1
BFJ-1 Create abstract class for BugzillaReportGenerator   Fixed 1.1