Package rs.baselib.licensing

Helper methods for licensing products.

The classes generate and verify license strings using a public/private key pair which clients must provide to these classes.

A license consist of a product ID which clients interprete themselves, validity date and a license holder string. Latter is again subject to clients to define.

A license is generated using the private key which must be kept secret and shall never be distributed to license holders or with applications. The LicenseGenerator is responsible for creating such licenses. The LicenseManager verifies the license using the public key of your key pair. This public key can be safely distributed with applications to license holders.

This package does not provide any other infrastructure than this simple classes. Licenses in general look like 8-character blocks, separated by dash characters. The number of blocks is determined by the size of the license holder string. The general rule is that 5 character (to be precise: bytes!) form an 8-character block in the license. The first block is reserved for meta-data (product ID and validity date).

This package is experimental yet. Usage is described on Class Usage Page