Class AbstractJdbcConnectionProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:
IDataSourceProvider, IHibernateDialectProvider, IJdbcConnectionProvider, IJdbcConnectionProvider2, IDisplayProvider
Direct Known Subclasses:
HyperSqlFileJdbcConnectionProvider, HyperSqlServerJdbcConnectionProvider, MySql5JdbcConnectionProvider

public abstract class AbstractJdbcConnectionProvider
extends java.lang.Object
implements IJdbcConnectionProvider2, IDisplayProvider, IDataSourceProvider, IHibernateDialectProvider
Abstract implementation for JdbcConnectionProviders. The implementation already takes care of most purposes. A common usage scenario is to provide a URL template as follows:
The URL template is a format as for MessageFormat with following arguments:
  • {0} - DB Host
  • {1} - DB Port
  • {2} - DB Name
  • {3} - DB Login
  • {4} - DB Password
  • {5}...{n} - Additional arguments (addOnArgs)

Developers can override getDriverUrl(String, String, String, String, String, String...) to accommodate for more sophisticated URL templates.

Clients and developers can control whether each of the arguments is enabled and the default value of an argument. The default implementation will automatically use the default value for an argument when the argument is not enabled or is empty.