JIRA Report

Key Summary Type Resolution Fix Version
RSLIBS-221 Upgrade to Java 9 New Feature Fixed 1.4.0
RSLIBS-220 Fix CoverityScan findings Bug Fixed 1.4.0
RSLIBS-212 Add sortBy clause to DAO inzerface Improvement Fixed 1.4.0
RSLIBS-209 Prepare for Java 9 and above Bug Fixed 1.3.0
RSLIBS-206 Allow Environment variable for DAO configuration Improvement Fixed 1.3.0
RSLIBS-204 Set boolean and integer values from data source config in DataSource New Feature Fixed 1.3.0, 2.0.0
RSLIBS-199 Multiple CoverityScan issues Bug Fixed 1.3.0
RSLIBS-198 Create HBM implementation alternative New Feature Fixed 1.3.0
RSLIBS-193 Add StringArrayType for Hibernate types New Feature Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-192 Add a money implementation New Feature Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-177 Implement CompositeUserType for Hibernate DateTimePeriod type Improvement Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-176 Update dependencies Task Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-175 Hibernate EnumerationType does not set parameter correctly Bug Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-174 Add additional Hibernate data types for arrays Improvement Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-171 Missing thread synchronization while initializing HibernateBO Improvement Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-165 Add shutdown chain for data infrastructure Improvement Fixed 1.2.8
RSLIBS-164 HibernateDaoMaster shall reveal some meta data Improvement Fixed 1.2.8
RSLIBS-162 Include c3p0 dependency Improvement Fixed 1.2.7
RSLIBS-159 NPE with deleteByCriteria Bug Fixed 1.2.7
RSLIBS-155 Upgrade 3rd party components Task Fixed 1.2.6
RSLIBS-62 Provide Hibernate UserType for int-stored booleans Improvement Fixed 1.2.4
RSLIBS-55 ICryptingDelegate / ICryptingDelegateFactory duplicated Bug Fixed 1.2.2
RSLIBS-51 NPE when DataSource properties are null Bug Fixed 1.2.2
RSLIBS-43 Class.forName() doesn't work always in OSGI envs Bug Fixed 1.2.2
RSLIBS-34 Update Maven plugin versions Task Fixed 1.2.0
RSLIBS-29 Add various DAO interface methods Improvement Fixed 1.2.0
RSLIBS-20 Upgrade to Hibernate 4 Improvement Fixed 1.1.0
RSLIBS-17 Apply Coding Rule Improvement Fixed 1.0.0, 1.1.0
RSLIBS-16 Provide OSGI Bundle New Feature Fixed 1.0.0
RSLIBS-14 Support build date in build.properties Improvement Fixed 1.0.0