JIRA Report

Key Summary Type Resolution Fix Version
RSLIBS-221 Upgrade to Java 9 New Feature Fixed 1.4.0
RSLIBS-220 Fix CoverityScan findings Bug Fixed 1.4.0
RSLIBS-212 Add sortBy clause to DAO inzerface Improvement Fixed 1.4.0
RSLIBS-209 Prepare for Java 9 and above Bug Fixed 1.3.0
RSLIBS-206 Allow Environment variable for DAO configuration Improvement Fixed 1.3.0
RSLIBS-202 Add query whether model service implementation is running New Feature Fixed 1.3.0
RSLIBS-201 Add Cache Enablement Bug Fixed 1.3.0
RSLIBS-200 Add better ThreadLocal implementation for AbstractDaoFactory Improvement Fixed 1.3.0
RSLIBS-198 Create HBM implementation alternative New Feature Fixed 1.3.0
RSLIBS-196 Add possibility to clean-up a transaction context New Feature Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-195 Add enumeration for transaction status New Feature Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-191 AbstractHibernateDao.refresh() does not recognize deletion of object Bug Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-189 Create an abstract DTO based on Map Improvement Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-188 Provide shortcut method for getX/setX in BO Improvement Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-186 Add modification of default TX timeout New Feature Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-178 AbstractDaoFactory: getTransactionManager not thread-safe Bug Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-176 Update dependencies Task Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-173 Extract getId() from IGeneralBO to an extra interface Improvement Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-172 Shutdown for IOsgiModelService Improvement Fixed 1.2.9
RSLIBS-165 Add shutdown chain for data infrastructure Improvement Fixed 1.2.8
RSLIBS-158 DaoFactory cannot register same DAO class multiple times Improvement Fixed 1.2.7
RSLIBS-120 RV: Bad use of return value Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-119 Dm: Dubious method used Task Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-118 Dm: Dubious method used Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-117 SBSC: String concatenation in loop using + operator Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-116 RV: Bad use of return value Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-115 RV: Bad use of return value Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-114 Dm: Dubious method used Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-113 REC: RuntimeException capture Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-112 BC: Bad casts of object references Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-110 Bad bit shift operation Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-109 Bad bit shift operation Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-106 Logically dead code Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-99 Dereference null return value Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-96 Dereference null return value Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-93 Dereference null return value Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-71 USELESS_STRING: Useless/non-informative string generated Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-70 EC: Comparing incompatible types for equality Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-69 BSHIFT: Bad shift Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-68 BSHIFT: Bad shift Bug Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-66 Upgrade JOTM Task Fixed 1.2.5
RSLIBS-65 afterNewInstance() is called for existing DTOs Bug Fixed 1.2.4
RSLIBS-61 OsgiModelServiceImpl does not load config by default Bug Fixed 1.2.4
RSLIBS-48 Provide IUrlTransformer wrappers for IUriProvider and IUrlProvider Bug Fixed 1.2.2
RSLIBS-43 Class.forName() doesn't work always in OSGI envs Bug Fixed 1.2.2
RSLIBS-36 DAO.delete() does not remove object from cache Bug Fixed 1.2.1
RSLIBS-35 Cache removes objects too early or cannot find them Bug Fixed 1.2.1
RSLIBS-34 Update Maven plugin versions Task Fixed 1.2.0
RSLIBS-33 Add debugging for transaction demarcation Improvement Fixed 1.2.0
RSLIBS-30 Separate AbstractGeneralDAO Improvement Fixed 1.2.0
RSLIBS-29 Add various DAO interface methods Improvement Fixed 1.2.0
RSLIBS-28 Add support for file based data New Feature Fixed 1.2.0
RSLIBS-25 Add parametrized getter for IOsgiModelService Improvement Fixed 1.1.0
RSLIBS-24 Export-Package for bundle does not include impl package Bug Fixed 1.1.0
RSLIBS-23 Add cache control methods Improvement Fixed 1.1.0
RSLIBS-22 Provide OSGI Model Service Improvement Fixed 1.1.0
RSLIBS-21 Add NamedObject Interface Improvement Fixed 1.1.0
RSLIBS-19 Improve handling of DAOs in DAO Factories Improvement Fixed 1.1.0
RSLIBS-18 Provide more ConfigurationUtils methods Improvement Fixed 1.1.0
RSLIBS-17 Apply Coding Rule Improvement Fixed 1.0.0, 1.1.0
RSLIBS-16 Provide OSGI Bundle New Feature Fixed 1.0.0
RSLIBS-14 Support build date in build.properties Improvement Fixed 1.0.0
RSLIBS-13 Add copy support New Feature Fixed 1.0.0
RSLIBS-12 Add standard DaoIterators based on other iterators New Feature Fixed 1.0.0
RSLIBS-11 Support for file-based objects Bug Fixed 1.0.0
RSLIBS-9 Correct Javadocs Bug Fixed 1.0.0
RSLIBS-8 BusinessObject shall tell whether it was persisted or not Improvement Fixed 1.0.0