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Installing RsBudget

Download RsBudget from the Product Homepage. Make sure you download the correct version for your specific platform.

Instructions for Windows

Windows users just need to extract the ZIP archive onto their disk. Preferrably extract into C:\Program Files.

Instructions for Linux

Please, extract the tar.gz archive into an appropriate folder, e.g. /usr/local.

Special note to GTK users

Some GTK versions do not work correctly with Eclipse/SWT 4.4. In case you notice missing UI elements or weird layout behaviour, you need to set the environment variable SWT_GTK3=0, e.g. in you /etc/profile or by creating a special startup script.

Instructions for MacOS

Please, extract the archive into your program folder.

MacOS Users most-likely need to change their Gatekeeper settings in order to enable RsBudget. The program is currently not signed. This article gives more details about Gatekeeper.

Software Prerequisites